Introduce concepts in remote sensing, atmospheric science, and aerodynamics


Understand scientific concepts and to apply them to create original designs


Develop the confidence to express opinions and actively listen to those of others


Experience learning and design in a group setting to enhance social skills

Quick Activities

Teachers holding small kites

Paper Kite

Construct and fly a paper kite

Students flying small kites

Apollo Drogue

Construct a kite drogue out of paper to resemble the Apollo 11 re-entry capsule

A group of young students surrounding a table in different stages of assembling mini kites

Mini Kite Construction

Construct and fly miniature kite

Students Making Kites

Sled Kite

Construct and decorate a sled kite to introduce engineering and kite flying practices

Longer Activities

Paired visible and classified images of playground

Image Classification

Perform manual image classification to separate image into similar land cover areas

Students flying small kites

"My Place on Earth"

The sled kite activity with a greater emphasis on aerial imagery

A rectangular wind tunnel sitting on a desk in a room with a clear viewing screen in the middle

Wind Tunnel

Construct a wind tunnel and learn the aerodynamic forces at play

Sketch of a boundary layer showing wind swirling past a tree and undisturbed wind where the tree doesn't interfere

Boundary Layer

Learn about the boundary layer with an interactive outdoor activity

Classroom Activities

Young student flying a miniature kite in a sunny room

Mini Kite Design

Construct and design a miniature kite as an introduction to aerodynamics and design

Aerial Infragram Image of Headwaters State Park, MT - processed for vegetation identification


Construct a spectrometer to better understand the electromagnetic spectrum and light

View of man flying kite (multiple kites in the air)


Introduce concepts of atmospheric sciences, engineering design, and team work by building balloon barometers