Computer Consortium

Services Provided

The Wayne RESA Computer Consortium provides

  • software systems
    • (student information system) and/or (business information system)
  • support of district administration
  • data interchanges
  • implementation services
  • documentation
  • training support
  • hosting technology
  • Internet access (does not include connectivity to Wayne RESA Education Center)

Customer Responsibilities

The Wayne RESA Computer Consortium is organized based on the expectation that customers are able to access and manage the systems provided in an ongoing basis. Although there are additional services available through individual agreements, under the standard master agreement, customers are responsible for:

  • Conversion of Data
  • District Staffing (specific role, responsibilities and service alternatives are outlined in master service agreement)
  • Technology (devices and network access) for users to access the systems provided


Access to the consortium is provided with an annual fee. The fees for the services are based on the previous October MSDS student count based on the following structure.

Services Fee / FTE Annual Minimum One-Time Setup Fee
MISTAR-Q or Smart $13.87 $7,998.08 $5,100.00
MISTAR-Q and Smart  $21.99 $10,664.10 $5,100.00
2023-24 Fee Schedule

Addendum – Information Technology Services

Detailed list of available Information Technology Services